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5 Must-Have Winter Wedding Favors Your Guests Will Love

Even though winter is usually considered an off-season for weddings, there's so much potential for a romantic snow-capped event. Not only are vendors in lower demand in the winter, but the chillier season allows you to experiment with food, fashion, and decor in unique and different ways. Take advantage of this special season, and give your guests some decadent and unexpected favors. Here are some of our favorites!


  • Chocolate - Obviously you can't go wrong with this classic. Try some indulgent assortment boxes or chocolate covered cranberries. Or, for something elegant, try winter theme shapes like snowflakes, wrapped in individual boxes.

  • Citrus Marmalade - Citrus fruits are sweetest and juiciest in the winter, so take advantage of this bright flavor to bring a kick to your guests' goody bags. Grapefruit or orange do nicely for a perfect winter treat, presented in a personalized silver foil jar.

  • Assorted Mini Bottles - For your 21+ guests, warm them up the old-fashioned way! Some top-shelf whiskey or brandy will curb the frigid weather and bring extra cheer to your guests.

  • Personalized Mugs - Give each guest their own personalized mug, and present it filled with your favorite seasonal candies. Once they've finished the candy, they'll have a wonderful keepsake to enjoy through the rest of the winter season.

  • Peppermint Hot Cocoa - This treat is another winter classic, and pairs nicely with the personalized mugs. You can buy mini servings of this delicious drink, or make it yourself for an even more personal touch!

    For all these items, you can add extra personal touches to make them even more special. Give your guests something unique and unexpected so they remember your winter wedding in the warmest way.

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