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4 Things You Must Do To Plan Your Perfect Wedding

Take care of yourself

With so many details to consider, it’s all too easy to sacrifice “you time” for hours in front of the computer, googling and adding to spreadsheets. Schedule some time in for exercise, even a half hour dancing around the room! Take some time in the the morning to breath deeply and clear your mind.

Connect with your fiancee
If every conversation you have is about the big day, you’ll start to lose sight of the meaning of it! Make time to catch up with your fiancee on what’s going on besides the wedding. Schedule a date night where wedding-speak is off limits!


Get together with friends

It helps to see the people who mean so much to you— they can take your mind off of the stress, and talk through any issues with you. It is also important that you reaffirm these relationships as you move into the next phase of your life.


It’s okay to be nervous!
Planning a wedding is an overwhelming process, not just due to the amount that needs to get done, but also because of the bevy of new emotions to deal with. It’s perfectly normal to feel both excited and freaked out!

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