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Top 3 Creative Ways To Ask “Will You Be My Bridesmaid?”

Your bridesmaids are people who have been there to see you through milestones throughout your life, and they’re going to be an important part of your wedding day. Deciding who should be by your side can be difficult enough, so asking them should be easier!

We’ve made a list of some cute ways to ask these incredible people to play this crucial role on our day.

1. Box with balloon

The best kind of surprise! This is such a clever way to ask, and perfect for bridesmaids who are spread across the country, or globe! When they open the box, there is a baloon inside, which they pop to reveal the question (and a small gift, if you want to be especially kind)

2. Wine labels

Show up at their house for dinner with a special hostess gift— we love the celebratory attitude with these! You don’t have to limit yourself to wine, you could relabel their favorite drink, whether that’s a bottle of bubbly or a gourmet cream soda.

3. Bracelet

Elegant and chic, these bracelets are a grown-up version of the ones you made for each other as kids. A symbol of your friendship, and continuing relationship through the changes in your lives.

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